Different Qualities of Door Lock

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In order to make your home safe from thieves that would enter your home unexpectedly, you have to use security tools such as high quality door locks. Most thieves are very wise and they could easily enter your home. We always watch on television or even hear from the radio that robbers were caught on CCTV. We must not always depend on it because it could be too late when they already got all your valuable things at home. Though you may report it to police officers, it’s already too late.

So, how can you make your home secured from unexpected thieves? Aside from CCTV’s, make your home secured through high quality door locks. Here are the list of the different qualities of door lock:

  • Padlocks – It is a very common type of door lock and has different sizes. Also, you can choose from combination or keyed padlocks. For combination type of padlock, you have to enter the perfect set of numbers in order to open the lock. While for keyed padlocks, it’s good to choose non-rekeyable which means you have to use only the key provided to open the padlock.

  • Rim Cylinder/ Mortise Locks – Rim Cylinder locks are usually used in rim latch locks while Mortise Cylinder locks has variety of options for the cams.
  • Wall Mounted Locks – Knox-box or fireman’s box are the most used quality locks.
  • Jimmy Proof Deadbolts – Usually found on apartments and double doors.
  • Key In Knob Cylinders – Generally used or found at the center of most door knobs, levers, as well as lower cost deadbolts.